Big breast teen speads her pussy lips

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If you put big tits on a young chick, you are bound to get a nasty girl. Gianna Rossi has been blessed with a gorgeous big breast and the naughty teen is determined to make the use of them. At any moment, this chesty gal will flash those jugs to strangers and her horny classmates.

We caught up with Gianna after school at the tennis courts. Being an amateur exhibitionist, as soon as the girl saw our cameras, she got to work putting on a spicy show. Check out her tits while she spreads here pussy lips here.

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Beautiful massive breasts black booty

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Farrah, the ebony version of our 70’s era sweetheart, has something the Ms. Faucet could never offer: a full voluptuous black body. Farrah seems to have mastered the art of seduction and in this shoot the beautiful ebony girl is in a little green teddy.

Her long-lashed eyes bat at you and her smirk is just calling in a naughty flirt. Watch how the black seductress slowly takes the nightie off her big black breasts. They are like chocolate mountains and when that juicy black nipple is revealed, if you are a real big breast lover, you will really start to hunger for these dark melons.

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Massive breasts brunette in panties

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After a long day of carrying around these 32FF beautiful boobs, Bea Flore crawls in to bed to massage her flesh. First the sexy and chesty babe gets down to just her little polka-dot panties.

The big breast lovers will like the way her juicy melons just spill out over her body like comfy cushions waiting to be drooled on. The sultry brunette rubs her entire body but spends most time on those huge cans. Considering how skinny Bea Flore is, this proportionately makes complete sense. Just wait until you see her take out her massage oil and get those titties glistening.

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Big breast topless car wash

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Check out this cute plumper running a topless carwash. It’s late at night and Ashley Sage is pissed she’s still working. Then this big SUV rolls up and the big breasted blond has to each way up to clean the windshield.

Her juggs are so massive that they smooch on the window and make a nice titty pie through the glass. Now that she is all soapy, the teen decides it’s a good idea to wash herself off too. The naughty babe lathers those suds all over her headlights and makes sure to get into the plump pink folds underneath too.

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Naked brunette with big breasts

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I like girls who are proud of their bodies and Kerry Marie is one of them. The brunette babe has nothing to be abashed about. Her big breasts are perfect round melons that have great shape and firmness for being so big.

Plus, the way she carries them like a mother proud of her precious twins is unbelievable. You will like the plumpness of her body-she’s not fat but has just the right weight to match her breasts. This means that there are sweet love handles to hold on to while her jugs jiggle in your face.

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